Taylor Fiore is an experienced artist,  performer, Engineer, and Videographer based in Southern California.

Taylor has been creating music for more than a decade. From metal to singer/songwriter to pop/rock, he's done it all. For the past 7 years, he has been creating electronic music. Taylor's likability, attention to detail, and love for space and technology shine through in all forms of his work. Over the past few years Taylor has taken to the world of video. His eye for composition, and attention to detail shine in his works. His passion for capturing the world from his point of view lends a welcomed and fun look at anything that is put in his path. With a unique and engaging style of performance, it is easy to become immersed in the world his music creates. From light-hearted to emotional, you can find your own place in each and every song. Although the future is unclear, Taylor's current trajectory sees him moving through new soundscapes inspired by hardware and life in general.